Chapter History: 


The West Michigan Chapter was founded in 1996.  The chapter has grown

to approximately 200 + members that come from a variety of professions

including engineers, contractors,  suppliers and architects.  The chapter host

a flatwork finisher technician class each year in February.  We also have an

ACI library that is available upon request to all our members.  Several times

throughout the year, the chapter holds educational dinner meetings.  In May

the chapter sponsors a golf outing.  And in December we have our annual

Christmas party.



Chapter Objective: 


To further engineering and technical education, scientific investigation  

and research, and development of standards for design and construction  

incorporating concrete and related materials.  The Institute shall organize  

the efforts of its members for a nonprofit public service gathering,  

correlating, and disseminating information.  ACI shall address design,  

construction, manufacture, use, maintenance and restoration of concrete  

and related materials.  These efforts shall promote improved technology,  

technical competence, design and construction.